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System to improve your performance

TestLogger Collector is product line to improve your laptimes and consistency.

Project enables the benefits of data logging for every RC car racer on all levels.

System is developed by experienced RC car racers with background in full scale professional motorsports.


Ease of use with flexibility

Use with any RC car

Use the system with any RC car model from 12th scale pan car to 5th scale off road car.

You can get benefits from the system, no matter if you race on road, off road or drag racing.

Easy operation

We provide pre-defined configuration for each sensor type so you will get a quick start.

Data transfer after the run has been made as smooth as possible to enable quick operation between runs.

Racing focused

Components have been designed a racer in mind to minimize the weight and needed space and to bring full scale racing data to RC cars.

Race legal

System is allowed by the IFMAR (1/8th off road), ROAR and EFRA rules as the system records data only for post-race analysis.

Lap and split times

Track side beacon gives the possibility to record lap times.

When you place more trackside beacons around the track, you will enable split times. More beacons, more sectors you will get.

3D model library

All TestLogger brackets and cases are available as free 3D models, so you can 3D print your own spare parts.

TestLogger integrated

Create runs to TestLogger Manager directly from TestLogger Connector.

Store your data files in TestLogger Manager to access your data anywhere.

Advanced configuration

Advanced mode for more experienced users who want to stretch the limits.

Modify logging rate, name, calibration values, data type, decimals and unit individually for each channel.


Build logging system to fit your needs.

Main units

Main unit supports multiple sensor types like PWM, analog and I2C

Most of the inputs are freely configurable to give maximize the flexibility


Currently possible to measure receiver signals, RPM, wheel speed, laptimes, split times, temperature, accelerations and angular velocities.


Sensor cables are available fom 5cm to 20cm with 5cm intervals.

Only three types of cable, so reuse is possible.

Future proof

Modular system allows to expand the system

New main units and sensors available to further expand the system.

Main unit tech specs


  • Logging rate per channel: 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz and 500Hz
  • Data transfer and configuration via micro-USB port
  • Supports Windows and Mac


  • 1 x Analog input
  • 2 x Receiver signal
  • 2 x Speed input
  • 1 x RPM
  • 1 x I2C Bus
  • Lap trigger input (One beacon gives laptimes and split times need minimum two beacons.)


  • Weight: 10 g (with memory card)
  • Size: 26.1 x 24.6 x 22.4 mm


Choose your tool for analysing data

TL Analyzer Pro

TL Analyzer Pro is the desktop version of our analytics tool and enables you to utilize your measured data to the maximum.

All of our Collector bundles include 12 month subscription for free!

TL Analyzer Free

Browser based free version of TL Analyzer gives you possibility to do basic analytics without any additional costs.

CSV Export

TestLogger Connector (configuration tool for Collector) allows exporting data in CSV format, so you can use the analytics tool of your choice.


Bundled products are an easy and cost efficient way to get started

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TestLogger Connector
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TestLogger Connector
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