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TestLogger Collector

Data logging solution for RC cars


  • TestLogger Collector is product line to improve your laptimes and consistency by logging the car and driver behaviour on the track.
  • System is allowed by the IFMAR and EFRA rules as the system records data only for post-race analysis.
  • TestLogger Collector Mini is our first data logging product where the focus has been driver behaviour with small expansion possibilities to measure car behaviour.


  • Build logging system for your car is from different components to fit your needs.
  • Main unit supports multiple sensor types like PWM, analog and I2C and most of the inputs are freely configurable to give maximize the flexibility for advanced users. For example logging rate per channel can be set from 1Hz to 500Hz
  • System can be fitted from 1/12th scale pan cars to 1/5th scale cars as cables connecting the sensor to main unit are available in variety of lengths from 5cm to 20cm.
  • Components have been designed a racer in mind to minimize the weight and needed space.
  • Currently possible to measure receiver signals, RPM, wheel speed, laptimes, split times, temperature, accelerations and angular velocities.
  • In the future there will be several diffent main units available to give more possibilities for logging data.


  • Use TestLogger Connector to configure the device as well as transfer logged data to your laptop
  • Transfer data via USB or via microSD card
  • To avoid unnecessary headache with configuration and calibration, we provide pre-defined configuration for each sensor type to get quick start and easy configuration experience.
  • Advanced mode is available for more experienced users who want to stretch the limits
  • Syncronise data and configurations to TestLogger Manager (testlogger.info)
  • Create runs and manage TestLogger Manager data directly from TestLogger Connector

STUDY what you are doing

  • Analyze your driving and car behaviour with TestLogger Analyzer.
  • You can quickly get started with ready made workspace templates for different purposes or create your own workspace from scratch
  • Multiple data element types available like line chart, scatter chart, track map, split analysis, 3D scatter chart
  • Compare two laps and see the where the time difference is coming
  • Load files locally or from TestLogger Manager

KEEP things in order

  • Store the data during race or test days to TestLogger Manager. For example laptimes, setup, conditions, car behaviour and your feelings about the run can be stored.
  • Base data like cars, tracks, tire sets and setups makes your daily life easier because you have ID for every tire set and the latest setup is recorded for every car.
  • Separate statistics to analyze one day performance or to check long term progress.