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Available versions

Analyzer Free

Utilise free version to do basic analysing work with data measured with TestLogger Collector in your web browser.

Analyzer Pro

Get all available analytics functionality to deep dive your measured data and get offline functionality for easier operation.


Flexible WorkspacePro

Workspace can be customised to your needs by adding new tabs or new chart elements.

Free version has limited possibilities for editing the workspace.

Multiple data formatsPro

It is possible to open native TestLogger Collector data files as well as Motec i2 data files. CSV files are supported as well.

Cloud integrated

TestLogger Analyzer is integrated to TestLogger Manager and at first phase you can open data files directly from cloud.


Place to laps on top of each other and see where the time difference comes from or what driver is doing differently.

Split analysis

Split analysis module gives you a quick view which part of the track goes well and where there is room for improvement.

Track map

Generate track map with lateral accelaration and distance channel. This allows easy way to pinpoint data location to track position and overlaying data channel to track map.

Multiple chart types

Currently line charts, 2D & 3D scatter charts, value table, density charts and Gauges are available

Math channelsPro

Calculate additional data channels by using math.

Free version has fixed math channels.


Both Windows and MacOS are supported and Linux supported is possible if requirement is raised.

Free version works on all platforms via web browser.


Import your video from the run and link it to the data to get more insights what happens to the car


Analyzer allows to you calculate statistics from the data. For example get channel min, max, avg, std dev, sum, etc

Time and distance modePro

It is possible to plot the data as function time or distance.


—– All Analyzer versions are free to use during Beta phase! —–

TestLogger Analyzer Free

Completely free browser based analytics tool.


TestLogger Analyzer Pro

Get full functionality on desktop app with monthly or yearly subscription.

15€ per month or 60€ per year


TestLogger Analyzer Pro for Mac

TestLogger Analyzer Pro for Windows

TestLogger Analyzer Free